16 September 2006

Online workshop: Renaissance Italian painting

I'm doing an online workshop over at the Wetcanvas forum on Renaissance Italian painting materials and methods. You can follow along here.


Rose Bard said...

Thanks for the workshop. I dont have acess to good artists in Brazil. And I end up being ignorant about many things related to fine art. All that great artists can share is an asset to my art knowledge. I very much appreciate you sharing about it over there. I bookmarked your blog to follow with much interesting. Thanks for sharing knowledgeble thoughts about art in your blog too.

:) Rose Bard

David said...

You are very welcome. I enjoy sharing what I know. I hope you like how the workshop turns out. Some of it will be a rehash of what's appeared here on this web log, with more emphasis on how things were done in Renaissance Italy.

Jeff Hayes said...

Hi David,

This looks really, really cool. I don't unfortunately have time to follow along properly, but like most of your posts, I'm bookmarking them (literally and figuratively) for future reference.