13 September 2006

Latest in the "stuff stuck on the wall" series

This is "Wrapping Paper," 16 x 12", oil on panel.


Bonitas Blog said...

Very cool stuff, I'm still amazed at the volume of talent here in new England. I stumbled across your blog through Jeff hayes blog. I love the painting of the boots hanging and I admire your curiosity and experimental nature. Glad i found your sight.

I'll check back from time-to-time.
All the best,

David said...

Thanks, Todd. I notice you studied with Dennis Cheaney at the New England Realist Art Center. I did as well, though so far as I know we've never met.

Samohtra Fine Art said...

I appreciate very much the time and great carein your writing as well as your painting. I'm impressed that alimited palette of colors can be used so effectively to create a simple and evocative design. It is restfull and compels one to further meditation upon it.Beginnig again after a very long hiatus from painting and finding your blog is a goldmine.
Thanks again.

David said...

Thanks, Samohtra. I appreciate the kind comments.

Good luck with getting back into painting.