24 October 2006

Jan van Eyck

was credited by the 16th century artist and biographer Vassari as the inventor of oil painting. That's not the case, but in the early 15th century he was one of the pioneers of the modern use of oil painting as a primary painting medium.

Apparently, he had a sense of humor. This painting, which may be a self-portrait, was made with a frame carved as part of the panel. At the bottom, it's inscribed (in Greek letters in the Flemish language) with what appears to be a pun. It can be read either as "As I can," or "As Eyck can."


Anonymous said...

a fine painting to be sure, but a rather unusual headdress, at least it it to my untrained eye. ;)


David said...

I think it's a pretty cool turban thingie, myself.